Compare Money3 & Cash Train Loans

Both Cash Train and Money3 offer cash loans online.

There are some differences between the companies on who they will lend to and for how much. Cash Train is available for quick cash online if employed1. If you are on Centrelink2 or need a larger loan, Money3 may be better able to help1 with personal loans up to $12,000. If you like the personal touch, try a Money3 branchB near you - see how they compare below.

  Cash Train Money3 Personal Loan
Cash Loan Max $2,0001 $12,0001
Min Monthly Income $1,200 $1,600
Cash Online
Centrelink OK X 2
Same Day Funding X
Repay Over 3 to 9 Months3 13 to 36 Months3
Get Started Visit Cash Train Get up to $50,000
Personal Loans

Get up to $12,000 - Any Credit Considered

How Does it Work?

With Money3 you can apply online a for personal loan up to $12,000 or visit a local branchB if you prefer to speak with our friendly staff in person.

As part of your application, we are required by law to review your most recent 90 days bank statements, which we have made simple through our partner online bank account verification service, provided by Bank Statements.

Once the online component of your application has completed, our loan underwriting team will review your application and keep you informed of your application's progress via phone and email. As soon as your loan has been approved1 and funded, we will let you know.

  1. Select Your Loan Amount
  2. Apply Online in Minutes
  3. Digitally Send Your 90 Days Bank Statements - Fast!
  4. Sign Your Contract
  5. Your Application is Reviewed
  6. Your Loan is Approved1
  7. Your Cash Loan is Paid into Your Bank Account - Fast!
  8. Relax!
Personal Loans

Get up to $12,000 - Any Credit Considered

Example Personal Loan Costs Chart

Borrow Costs Repay
$2,500 $1,310 $3,810
$3,000 $1,573 $4,573
$4,000 $2,097 $6,097
$5,000 $2,621 $7,621
$6,000 $3,145 $9,145
$7,000 $3,669 $10,669
$8,000 $4,193 $12,193
Personal Loans

Get up to $12,000 - Any Credit Considered