How Can I Qualify for a Car Loan?

Applying for and getting a car loan is a transparent and straightforward process with Money3. We aim to see you driving away with your dream car as soon as possible, and will consider your application even if you’re on Centrelink, have a bad credit history or have been turned away from lenders before1.

To simplify your application process, it may be helpful to learn about our car loan requirements. Below are the basic requirements1 you may need to meet when applying for car finance with Money3.

  1. Be Over 18 Years Old
  2. You need to be 18 years old and over to apply for a car loan with Money3. This is a requirement by Australian law.

  3. Have Take-Home Income or Benefits
  4. You’ll need to have take-home income or benefits of over $480 per week. This may include income from employment, Centrelink benefits, pension payments and other sources. Our car loans are also available to self-employed workers, who can demonstrate consistent regular income.

    For all applicants, we recommend being as honest as possible in your car loan application and avoiding heavy gambling.

  5. Be an Australian Resident
  6. Money3 offers loans to Australian residents and citizens. We offer both secured car loans and unsecured personal loans.

  7. Be Paid Income into Your Bank Account
  8. We will need to see your most recent banking activity and request your latest 90 day bank statements.

  9. Be Employed or Receiving Centrelink Payments
  10. You will need to provide proof of employment or Centrelink payments to qualify for a car loan1. This is to ensure that the loan is affordable for you and that you can comfortably make your weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need for a good car loan?

What you need for a good car loan depends on the lender you work with. Different lenders have varying car loan requirements, although most require you to be 18 years and older, have Australian residency, and provide proof of your income.

Money3’s lending criteria is simple and straightforward, and we’ll explain our requirements in detail when guiding you through our car loan application process.

How can I qualify for a car loan?

Your eligibility for a car loan depends on whether you meet the relevant car loan requirements. At Money3, we believe in giving everyone a fair go, even if you’re on Centrelink income, have a poor credit history or have been turned away by lenders previously.

What credit score is required for a car loan?

There is no definite required credit score when applying for a car loan. Money3 may consider your application even if you have had a bad credit score in the past. We will take your financial situation into account when considering your application.

Car Loans We Offer

At Money3, we offer a wide range of car loans of up to $75,000. Provided that you meet our car loan requirements, we will consider your application even if you have a bad credit history, are on Centrelink income, or have been turned away by lenders before.

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