Customer Complaints

Money3 is committed to providing exceptional customer service and ensuring our products and services meet our customers' expectations.

If you are satisfied with our service, we would love to hear from you or if you feel we have not met your expectations we need to hear from you.

Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)

If you're not happy with your loan or with part of our service, our complaints process is designed to handle the issue efficiently, honestly and fairly.

If you want to talk to us about any concerns or register your complaint, please contact:

Resolutions Team

Or complete and submit the feedback form below.

Money3 is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA). If you're not happy with the end result of your complaint, you have the option of contacting AFCA on:

We are here to help

We do not charge a fee in respect to any complaint.

Money3 staff are able to help you with many queries, including straightforward and complex matters. Our internal dispute resolution (IDR) procedures are designed to achieve a fair and reasonable outcome for all.

Looking into issues

If you register a complaint with us that is specifically in relation to complaints or compliance personnel, they will not be involved in investigation of the matter.

Getting back to you

  • Once your complaint is received, we will send you an acknowledgement.
  • If your complaint is resolved within five business days, it doesn't need to go through our IDR process.
  • For all complaints that go through our IDR process, we will provide a final response to you within 30 calendar days.
  • Where an urgent complaint is raised, for example complaints involving “default notices” or urgent disputes such as “applications for hardship”, a final response will be provided within 21 calendar days.
  • If Money3 is unable to deal with the complaint as it relates to a third party (for example, a broker or a dealership), we may ask you to contact the relevant party or provide you with information on other ways to resolve the matter.
  • If we can't respond to your complaint within the above timeframes, we will let you or your representative know why we haven't been able to give you a final response within this time and inform you of your right to refer the complaint to AFCA.

Providing an outcome

We will provide you with a final response in writing and will include the factors taken into consideration when arriving at the outcome. We will aim to address the matters that are raised by you or your representative. Where it needs to be referenced, our response will refer to relevant provisions in regulatory guides, legislation or industry standards.

Information we keep

We will keep certain information about the complaint that will help us in our complaints management and our reporting obligations. The type of information we keep is:

  • Complaint type(product or service);
  • Particular issues relating to the complaint;
  • Requested outcome of the complaint;
  • Final outcome;
  • Time to provide a final response;

In order to identify any ongoing issues, we will classify complaints. Keeping within privacy guidelines, we will provide complaints information to AFCA and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


We will review our IDR procedures at least every two years. This document was reviewed September 2021.

Complaints and Hardship Department
Contact: 03 9093 8230

Last updated 27 April 2023

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