17 AUGUST 2022

Fixed vs Variable Interest Car Loans

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Are you looking to get a car loan and would like to learn more about the options you have available? Money3 has got you covered. When it comes to essential car loans, it’s important to consider whether you’d prefer a fixed rate car loan or a variable rate car loan.

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Car Loan Fixed Interest Rates

A fixed rate car loan is a type of loan where the interest is fixed at the same rate for the full loan term. This means your repayments can be kept the same throughout your entire loan term and you can budget accordingly. Most car loans are fixed rate and may be an option to consider if you value stability and would like to avoid rising market rates.

Money3 offers car loans with fixed interest rates. Fixed rates vary depending on the loan amount, loan term, your loan conditions as well as the state of the market.

Car Loan Variable Interest Rates

Variable rate car loans are loans where the interest rate changes depending on the market and your lender’s rates. Lenders can change their rates to reflect the current state of the market.

Some lenders may allow you to make additional repayments for your variable car loan whenever the interest rate is favourable to you (or you foresee a rise in interest rates). This may also mean repaying your loan early.

Money3 currently does not offer variable rate car loans.

Is it better to get a variable or fixed interest rate car loan?

Whether a variable or fixed interest rate car loan is better depends on your personal preferences and financial circumstances. Risk-averse loan applicants may prefer a fixed rate loan for more secure and predictable monthly repayments, while applicants looking to take advantage of potentially lowering interest rates may prefer a variable rate loan.

You can calculate your monthly repayments on a fixed rate car loan with Money3’s free loan calculator. Bear in mind that our calculator does not apply to any variable loan.

1. Subject to verification, suitability and affordability

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