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Dental Loans up to $12,0001

Personal loans up to $8,000 and up to $12,000 with security on your loan1

  • Emergency Dental Work
  • Cosmetic/ Planned Dental Work
  • Bad Credit Considered1
  • Fast Application
Smiling Dental Nurse/ Dentist

Dental Loans1 to Smile About!

For dental emergencies or planned dental work, Money3 may be able to assist1 - whatever your credit history!

If you are concerned about your credit history or are receiving Centrelink payments, we'll give you a fair go, so even if you have been knocked back by other lenders, we'll review your application afresh.

Whether you need root canal treatment, crowns, fillings or extractions, you could borrow up to $12,000 towards your dental treatment. Cosmetic dental and gum treatment is also an option as well as other dental related proceedures, such as Xrays and mouth guards.

The easiest way to get started, is to apply online now, by completing the short form above. We'll then be able to get back to you and go through how everything works, so you can get the treatment you need.

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Dental Loans up to $12,000

Example Dental Loans Costs Chart

Borrow Costs Repay
$2,500 $1,310 $3,810
$3,000 $1,573 $4,573
$4,000 $2,097 $6,097
$5,000 $2,621 $7,621
$6,000 $3,145 $9,145
$7,000 $3,669 $10,669
$8,000 $4,193 $12,193

Common Questions

What kind of proceedures are covered by Dental Loans?

All kinds of proceedures can be covered with your dental loan, from braces, root canals, dental crowns to fillings, bridges and implants. Some people choose to get treatment abroad which may be cheaper for some more complex proceedures. In these cases we can also assist.

Can the loan cover dental proceedures overseas?

Yes it can1. We understand that the cost of extensive dental repairs can be much cheaper overseas. The loan could cover some or all of your costs from flights, accommodation, treatment and medication.

It's an emergency! How fast can I get my loan approved?

We will do our best to fast track your application. First complete your application online, then you should receive a confirmation email letting you know that we are ready to review it. In the email we will give you your loan reference number. Send us an email to letting us know this is urgent, together with your full name, date of birth and loan reference number and we will do our best to complete our checks as quickly as possible.

Will I need to provide a dental bill or quote?

Not necessarily, however it may help get your loan approval faster in some situations.

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