Gold Coast Car Loans up to $75,0001

Money3 could help you buy a used car or new car from a dealership or private seller in the Gold Coast.

  • All Vehicle Types OK
  • All Gold Coast Suburbs OK
  • Centrelink Considered1
  • Bad Credit Considered1
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Gold Coast Car Loans

If you decide to contact car dealerships on the Gold Coast, be sure your vehicle financing application has been pre-approved first. You'll have a better chance to negotiate and form a clearer estimate of how much finance you qualify for this way.

If you're looking for a secure and reputable car finance company to get help with your vehicle loan, look no further than Money3. When it comes to reviewing your vehicle finance application, we'll give you a fair go1. Even if you have bad credit history or are receiving income from Centrelink, we're happy to evaluate your car loan application.

Money3 car loans can service all around the Gold Coast and surrounding suburbs. We also offer convenient online application services. If you're planning a car purchase and would like to apply for car finance options with us, get started on your online application with Money3 by clicking the link below.

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Gold Coast Car Loans up to $75,000

Who Gets Approved?

Check out our basic criteria for vehicle and car finance below before you get started:

How to Get Your New Vehicle

Select your vehicle type to get started online.

Why Choose Money3?

Money3 is a non-bank lender that caters to customers with various financial situations and borrowing needs.

Giving You a Fair Go

At Money3, we strive to give you a fair go, even if you have been turned away by other lenders before. Whether you're looking for car loans in Gold Coast, van loans or boat loans, we'll carefully assess your financial situation and may consider offering a secured loan that meets your finance needs.

Flexible Lending

We are lenders who aim to cater to your demands. We provide a variety of finance options that are tailored to our customers. We consider your cash flow, income stream and other financial circumstances when assessing your loan application. Even if you have had a bad credit score in the past, we may offer you a personalised vehicle loan.

Focus on Customer Care

Our friendly and experienced team of loan experts focus on preparing the right loan terms and loan amount for you. We will strive to help you every step of the way toward your next car purchase.

Wide Range of Product Offerings

We offer a wide range of hassle-free lending services. From a standard secured car loan to bad credit rating car loan, you can compare car loans and find the best finance option for you with Money3.

Positive Reviews & Top Ratings

Money3 has a proven track record of helping customers purchase the perfect vehicle with personalised finance options. You can rely on Money3 to offer you a loan based on your financial circumstances.

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You may be able to get a car loan with Money3, even if you have a poor credit history or are on Centrelink income. Whether you'd like to purchase a new or used car, Money3 can provide you with a range of finance options to help you do so.
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Money3 offers a large range of vehicle finance options. You can get up to $75,000 in finance for vehicles such as new and used cars, motorbikes, caravans, or boats with Money3.
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You can find finance for a pre-owned vehicle with Money3. We can work with your car dealer to help prepare for your used vehicle purchase.
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If you've been denied by a lender previously, you may feel discouraged to apply for another loan. Rest assured that Money3 can work with your local car dealership and may provide you with a second opportunity to obtain your dream car1.
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At Money3, we may offer finance products to car buyers who are on Centrelink income. Securing car finance has never been more accessible with Money3's car loans. Our car loans on Centrelink could help you purchase your new car1.
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Example Gold Coast Car Loans Costs Chart

16.95% APR
22.95% APR
24.95% APR
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,110 $7,110
24 Months at 16.95% APR & 37.39% Comparison Rate
$7,500 $5,042 $12,542
24 Months at 16.95% APR & 37.79% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $6,247 $16,247
36 Months at 16.95% APR & 35.44% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,521 $7,521
24 Months at 22.95% APR & 43.88% Comparison Rate
$7,500 $6,017 $13,517
24 Months at 22.95% APR & 44.03% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $7,534 $17,534
36 Months at 22.95% APR & 41.71% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,661 $7,661
24 Months at 28.00% APR & 46.04% Comparison Rate
$7,500 $6,352 $13,852
24 Months at 28.00% APR & 46.12% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $7,977 $17,977
36 Months at 28.00% APR & 43.82% Comparison Rate

Gold Coast Suburbs

If you are looking to purchase a car in the Gold Coast, our car loan services may help you out1.