Bad Credit Car Loans up to $75,000

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Bad Credit Car Loans with Money3

Money3 may be able to help1 you out with car finance when others can't.

We'll give you a fair go - even with bad credit in the past. Our bad credit car loans go up to $75,000 - depending on affordability - and that could be for any vehicle from a Car, Motorbike, Truck to a Boat or a Caravan.

Getting started is easy, complete the short form above or select the kind of vehicle loan you are looking for below and give us a few details and we get back to you as soon as possible.

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Bad Credit Car Loans up to $75,000

Who Can Get Bad Credit Car Finance with Us?

Getting your car loan approved1 with Money3, may be easier than you think. Money3 will go the extra mile for you. As long as you meet our basic criteria and we are happy that the loan is suitable and affordable for you, then we will work with you to get your car (or other vehicle) loan approved as soon as possible - even with bad credit!

Please note that your loan pre-approval offer is subject to final approval by Money3, once you have decided on the car you want.

We will consider your loan application1, even if:

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Bad Credit Car Loans up to $75,000

How To Get Bad Credit Car Finance in Australia with Money3

Drive away with your new car as soon as possible with our quick and easy approval process for bad credit car loans. That's right, even with bad credit history Money3 can provide pre-approval for a car loan that allows you to access the car you want without making you wait for ages to get approved.

With Money3, you can apply for car finance in Australia if you’re a permanent resident and your weekly income (earnings + Centrelink) totals $480 or more1. We could give you the second chance you deserve!1

To access our bad credit car loans, you must:

  • Be Over 18 Years Old
  • Have Take Home Income or Benefits over $480 a Week1
  • Be an Australian Resident
  • Get Your Income Paid into Your Bank Account
  • Be Employed or Receiving Centrelink payments1

Get started by completing the short form at the top of the page or clicking the button below. Simply tell us a little about yourself and we'll take it from there. We can give you a call back, or you can continue your application online and give us all the information we need to assess your loan pre-approval.

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Bad Credit Car Loans up to $75,000

Why Choose Money3?

We’ll Give You a Fair Go

At Money3, we give everyone a fair go at obtaining car finance. Even if you have had a low credit score or have been turned away by lenders in the past, we’ll thoroughly assess your current financial position to determine your loan eligibility1.

Flexible Loans to Suit Your Needs

We are responsible finance providers with flexible lending conditions to suit your needs. Our costs and charges are disclosed upfront for you to review and agree before signing. Get one step closer to your dream car with Money3.

5 Star Customer Service

We strive to deliver friendly, helpful and attentive care to all our customers. Our knowledgeable, expert team can guide you through the loan application process and ensure your experience with us is straightforward and stress-free.

Fast and Friendly Application Experience

Applying for a loan with Money3 is quick and easy, with most customers taking only 5 to 10 minutes for their online application. We also have a fast approval process so that you can receive your finance as soon as possible.

Wide Range of Product Offerings

No matter what kind of finance you’re applying for, Money3 aims to provide you with a realistic loan amount. From car loans on Centrelink to used car loans to personal loans, you could find a finance option suitable for you at Money31.

A Company You Can Trust

Money3 is a responsible lender you can trust. We are known for our personalised loans, flexible terms and high quality customer service. With a proven track record filled with positive reviews and ratings, you can be confident working with us.

Try Money3 for quick and easy loans1. Learn more about why you should choose Money3.

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Bad Credit Car Loans up to $75,000

Loans We Offer

Example Bad Credit Car Loans Costs Chart

13.95% APR
19.95% APR
24.95% APR
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $1,909 $6,909
Platinum secured personal loan for 24 months at 13.95% APR & 34.16% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $6,925 $16,925
Platinum secured personal loan for 48 months at 13.95% APR & 29.11% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $14,850 $39,850
Platinum secured personal loan for 60 months at 13.95% APR & 20.38% Comparison Rate
$50,000 $30,285 $80,285
Platinum secured personal loan for 72 months at 13.95% APR & 17.23% Comparison Rate
$75,000 $42,219 $117,219
Platinum secured personal loan for 72 months at 13.95% APR & 16.15% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,313 $7,313
Silver secured personal loan for 24 months at 19.95% APR & 40.63% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $8,676 $18,676
Silver secured personal loan for 48 months at 19.95% APR & 35.35% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $20,883 $45,883
Silver secured personal loan for 60 months at 19.95% APR & 27.39% Comparison Rate
$50,000 $42,963 $92,963
Silver secured personal loan for 72 months at 19.95% APR & 23.32% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,661 $7,661
Bronze secured personal loan for 24 months at 24.95% APR & 46.04% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $10,216 $20,216
Bronze secured personal loan for 48 months at 24.95% APR & 40.60% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $25,625 $50,625
Bronze secured personal loan for 60 months at 24.95% APR & 32.59% Comparison Rate
$40,000 $44,982 $84,982
Bronze secured personal loan for 72 months at 24.95% APR & 29.27% Comparison Rate


What is a bad credit car loan?

A bad credit car loan is similar to any other car loan, however, due to the increased risk to the lender, the interest and repayment rates may be higher. With Money3, we like to give people with bad credit history a second chance1. We will take your circumstances into consideration and ensure repayments are affordable to you. As a responsible lender, Money3 is committed to making sure we only approve car finance if you, the customer, can afford to pay it back based on your financial circumstances.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of bad credit car loans?

Bad credit car loans come with advantages and disadvantages for borrowers, just like any other financial product.


  • Better chance of getting your loan approved
  • Manageable weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments
  • Flexible repayment terms, built around your circumstances
  • Chance to repair and rebuild your credit rating
  • Bad credit lenders can be more understanding if you have difficulty with your repayments


  • The amount you could borrow may be lower
  • You will usually have a higher interest rate
  • Security may be required for larger loans

Bad credit car loans are always a trade-off since you are paying a higher interest rate to offset the risk to lenders represented by your poor credit history. At Money3, we seek to give borrowers like you an affordable, fair and realistic option that allows you to buy a car despite having a bad credit history1

Is a deposit required for a bad credit car loan?

No, it isn't required1. However, if you have saved up a deposit, this will be an advantage and allow you to buy a car that's a higher value.

How are Money3's bad credit car loans different from other lenders?

At Money3, we will give you a fair go1, so it may be easier than you think to get approved for a bad credit car loan. Your bank and other car loan brokers may regard bad credit history as too much of a risk and will often reject your loan application without considering every factor. We will look at your individual financial situation when reviewing your loan application and will do our best to make sure that your repayments are reasonable and affordable to you. In some cases, we may offer same day approvals.

Money3 is a responsible lender regulated by ASIC. Our Australian Credit Licence Number is 389 067.

How do I check my credit history?

To look at your official credit history, you need to perform your own credit check. There are several online providers that can provide you with a free credit check, but the process usually requires you to verify your identity and provide some personal information before it generates your credit score. Keep in mind that performing a credit check too often can harm your credit rating.

What is considered a bad credit history?

Depending on the credit reporting agency that's calculating your credit score, the number will typically range from 0 to 1000. Most credit agencies consider a score below the mid 500's to be "below average", which reflects a bad credit history.

Do you lend to people with bad credit and also on Centrelink?

Yes, we do. The amount you may be able to borrow will be adjusted based on your overall income1. Your income can be from earnings, Centrelink benefits, or both. Money3 specialises in customers who may have experienced bad credit and are potentially receiving Centrelink payments. Don't assume you won't get approved - Money3 will work with you to make sure your car loan is suitable and affordable for your circumstances.

Do you perform a credit check on car loan applications?

No, not all car loan applications are subjected to a credit check. We will run a credit check before your car loan is funded once your application has passed our initial checks. Based on the loan amount you request, an enquiry may be noted in your credit report.

Can I get a car loan with a 500 credit score?

Yes, you can1. The score in your credit report is not the primary factor we look at when reviewing a loan application. Unlike other lenders, we look into your unique circumstances, the affordability of the loan, and also the loan purpose when we make our lending decision.

Can I apply with defaults on my credit file?

Yes, you can. Money3 understands that sometimes unexpected expenses or periods of financial difficulty can crop up. For example, a credit card repayment could be missed in error, by simply forgetting or paying the wrong entity by mistake. If you are back on track and willing to commit to making your payments, then Money3 will be happy to review your application. We'll work to make sure that the fixed repayments on your new loan are reasonable and affordable to you.

Will my 'bad credit' limit the amount I could borrow with Money3?

Not necessarily. Your current financial situation will play an important part in the amount you could borrow from us. Money3 has a great deal of experience lending to borrowers who have experienced bad credit. We will sometimes extend the term of your loan so your weekly repayments are more affordable.

At Money3, we believe people who have had bad credit problems deserve a second chance. As such, our application process is designed to provide fast, fair, and flexible car loans based on whether our customers can actually afford them, not solely on the outcome of a credit check.

Do I need to fix my poor credit score to get a car loan?

No, you can get approved for a bad credit car loan with Money3 as long as you meet our eligibility criteria and have sufficient earnings to pay back the loan amount1. At Money3, we offer bad credit loans to give people who happen to have a bad credit history a fair go. We don't believe a poor credit rating should prohibit you from accessing a car loan if you can afford it.

Still, repairing your credit score is something you should strive towards. When your credit score improves, you'll be able to access higher amounts of finance with lower interest rates. Paying back a car loan with Money3 could help improve your chances of getting a new loan with us, and sometimes at a better rate, by demonstrating good financial management.

Can I apply if I am currently bankrupt or in a Part IX debt agreement?

Sorry, we are unable to assist anyone who is currently bankrupt or in a Part IX debt agreement.

Can I get finance on any other vehicles other than a car?

Yes, you can. We finance all sorts of vehicles from cars, to bikes, to campervans, and boats. If the vehicle you're after is not listed in the loan purpose when you apply, just select 'Secured Loan' and our staff will get more details from you later when they call you back.

Do you offer personal loans?

Yes, apart from car loans Money3 offers personal loans up to $30,000 and will consider applicants who have had a bad credit history.

What documents or details do I need to get a bad credit car loan in Australia?

With Money3, the application process is quick and simple, so the information you need to complete your loan application should be easily on hand. You'll need to confirm your contact details, address, employment details and regular expenses. Optionally, you can confirm your driving licence, which will help speed up your application. After that, due to responsible lending concerns, we require 90 days of bank statements which can be given securely online in a few minutes.

After you supply the necessary information, our quick approval process will determine if you are eligible for a bad credit car loan.

Can I pay back my loan early?

Yes, of course. Money3 has no hidden fees or charges, and you won't be charged any additional fees if you want to pay back the full amount of your car loan early.

What if I encounter difficulty with my repayments?

At Money3, we realise that unexpected events and expenses can catch you by surprise and make it impossible to repay on time. If you encounter difficulty that prevents you from making your car loan repayments, please contact our team on 1300 014 870, email us at, or fill out the Member Support contact form.

At Money3, we take a fair, flexible, and real-world approach to help borrowers manage their payments. We will take your needs into consideration and work out a fair arrangement that allows you to get back on track.