Bad Credit Car Loans Sydney up to $75,000

Get up to $75,000 towards your vehicle purchase in Sydney

  • All Vehicle Types OK
  • Fast Pre-Approvals
  • Centrelink Considered1
  • Bad Credit Considered1
  • No Deposit Required
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Get a Bad Credit Car Loan in Sydney Today with Money3

Owning a car is essential if you want to get around Sydney conveniently. If you’ve been rejected for car finance due to a poor credit rating, you could feel stuck with nowhere to go.

Luckily, Money3’s common-sense lending assessments mean you could get up to $75,000 to finance a car even if you have a bad credit history1. We can help you purchase almost any type of vehicle, including Cars, Motorbikes, Trucks, Boats, Caravans and more (depending on affordability).

Our application process is quick and easy - complete the short form at the top of the page or click the link below to get started.

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Bad Credit Car Loans Sydney up to $75,000

Am I Eligible to Get a Car Loan with Money3?

Money3 is committed to responsible lending while giving everyone a fair go. We don’t think it’s fair to be unable to access finance because you’ve had bad credit in the past or because you receive income from Centrelink.

We’ll give you a fair go1 and consider your entire financial situation when we assess your loan application, even if:

If you meet our basic eligibility criteria, you could get a bad credit car loan with Money3 to purchase any car or other vehicle you like1. We’ll do our best to ensure your loan is approved as fast as possible (if we are confident it is reasonable and affordable for you).

Keep in mind; your loan pre-approval offer is subject to final approval by Money3.

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Bad Credit Car Loans Sydney up to $75,000

Applying for Bad Credit Car Loans in Sydney with Money3

With our fast loan approval process, Money3 could see you behind the wheel of your new car (or other vehicle) sooner than you might think1. If approved, you could get a pre-approval loan offer up to $75,000 that you can take to any dealership or private seller in Sydney.

Providing you have a monthly income of at least $2,080 (inclusive of Centrelink payments) and are a permanent Australian resident, you could get approved for a loan with Money3

In order to apply, you must:

  • Be Over 18 Years Old
  • Have Take Home Income or Benefits over $480 a Week1
  • Be an Australian Resident
  • Get Your Income Paid into Your Bank Account
  • Be Employed or Receiving Centrelink payments1

Get started with the link below or by filling out the form at the top of the page. We just require some basic details from you, and our team can guide you through the rest of the application process. Continue your application online or get a call back from our team so we can process it for you.

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Bad Credit Car Loans Sydney up to $75,000

Example Bad Credit Car Loans Sydney Costs Chart

13.95% APR
19.95% APR
24.95% APR
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $1,909 $6,909
Platinum secured personal loan for 24 months at 13.95% APR & 34.16% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $6,925 $16,925
Platinum secured personal loan for 48 months at 13.95% APR & 29.11% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $14,850 $39,850
Platinum secured personal loan for 60 months at 13.95% APR & 20.38% Comparison Rate
$50,000 $30,285 $80,285
Platinum secured personal loan for 72 months at 13.95% APR & 17.23% Comparison Rate
$75,000 $42,219 $117,219
Platinum secured personal loan for 72 months at 13.95% APR & 16.15% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,313 $7,313
Silver secured personal loan for 24 months at 19.95% APR & 40.63% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $8,676 $18,676
Silver secured personal loan for 48 months at 19.95% APR & 35.35% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $20,883 $45,883
Silver secured personal loan for 60 months at 19.95% APR & 27.39% Comparison Rate
$50,000 $42,963 $92,963
Silver secured personal loan for 72 months at 19.95% APR & 23.32% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,661 $7,661
Bronze secured personal loan for 24 months at 24.95% APR & 46.04% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $10,216 $20,216
Bronze secured personal loan for 48 months at 24.95% APR & 40.60% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $25,625 $50,625
Bronze secured personal loan for 60 months at 24.95% APR & 32.59% Comparison Rate
$40,000 $44,982 $84,982
Bronze secured personal loan for 72 months at 24.95% APR & 29.27% Comparison Rate

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a bad credit car loan work in Sydney?

This type of finance option functions the same as a standard loan, except those with a bad credit history won’t be automatically rejected. Several banks and other lenders won’t allow anyone with a bad credit rating to borrow money because they are seen as a risk who might default on their repayments.

At Money3, we like to give everyone a fair go and won’t automatically reject applicants because they have a poor credit score. We’ll look at the entirety of your financial situation to determine whether a car loan will be suitable and affordable for you. While we are more flexible than some other lenders, we will ultimately only approve a bad credit car loan for Sydney residents we believe can reasonably afford to make repayments.

Are there pros and cons to a bad credit car loan?

Yes, like with any financial product, there will be advantages and drawbacks to consider before applying.


  • Won’t be rejected just for having poor credit history
  • Flexible weekly, fortnightly or monthly car loan repayments
  • Paying back car finance without any issues can improve your credit score
  • Lenders can be more forgiving if you encounter financial difficulty and can’t make a payment on time


  • Loan amounts available to you are usually lower than what is accessible to those with a good credit standing
  • Your loan interest rate is typically higher to make up for greater risk to the lender
  • Borrowing large amounts may require security on the loan

Accessing car finance with poor credit history is always going to be a trade-off. You can access a car loan as a riskier borrower, but this risk needs to be compensated for by the lender. At Money3, we provide car finance options to applicants with bad credit, as long as we are sure the loan is appropriate to their financial situation.

Is any downpayment required?

No downpayment or deposit is required. But if you’ve saved up some money, you could combine it with your bad credit car loan to get a higher value car in Sydney.

How does Money3 differ from other lenders?

At Money3, the main difference from many other lenders is that we don’t automatically turn away applicants who have a bad credit rating or who receive government benefits. We’ll give you a fair go on your car loan application and examine all of your financial circumstances, such as your income and your regular costs.

Money3 is a responsible lender regulated by ASIC. Our Australian Credit Licence is 389 067.

How do I know what my credit score is?

Some online providers can help you check your credit score for free, but they will require some information from you first. While the credit check may not cost anything, it could list an inquiry against your credit file. Too many inquiries too quickly make it look like you’re applying for lots of different loans at once, which can harm your credit rating.

What counts as a bad credit score?

Most credit reporting agencies give you a score between 0 and 1000. Usually, lenders will see a score below 500 (below average) as poor.

Can I get a bad credit car loan in Sydney with Centrelink income too?

Yes, with Money3, you could1. You can apply for a car loan with us with some or all of your regular income coming from Centrelink payments. At Money3, we specialise in providing finance options to those with unique financial circumstances as long as we know it is affordable.

Will there be a credit check on my application?

We don’t always perform credit checks, but we will check your credit rating after you have passed our initial checks before funding is approved. Keep in mind that this credit check may trigger an inquiry to be listed in your credit file.

Can I apply if I have defaulted on a loan in the past?

Yes, with Money3, you could still be approved for a car loan even if you’ve defaulted on payments in the past1. As long as your finances are secure and you’re back on track, we will be happy to consider your loan application.

Does my poor credit rating mean I can’t borrow as much?

Money3 is experienced with lending to those with delinquencies on their credit file, and simply having a poor score won’t restrict how much you can borrow. Your capacity to make repayments will determine how much you can borrow with Money3, which correlates to your regular income and expenses.

Can I only use my car loan to buy vehicles in Sydney?

No, you aren’t restricted to buying within Sydney. You can use your pre-approval Australia-wide. If approved, we can fund a vehicle anywhere in Australia1.

How can a car loan improve my credit history?

Paying back a car loan can improve your credit rating when you consistently make repayments and fully repay what you borrowed. This is because paying back a loan without any issues demonstrates financial responsibility, making you less of a risk to a bank or financial institution.

Paying back your loan with Money3 could help you access larger amounts of finance in the future with us.

Can I get a bad credit car loan if I am currently bankrupt or in a Part IX debt agreement?

Sorry, we cannot process your application if you are currently bankrupt or in a Part IX debt agreement.

Can I use my loan on a different type of vehicle?

Yes, you can use Money3’s car loans to purchase almost any kind of vehicle you want, including cars, campervans, motorbikes, jet skis and more. If the type of vehicle you want isn’t listed on our site, simply select the ‘Secure Loan’ option, and we’ll get more details from you.

Does Money3 provide personal loans?

Yes, you could get up to $30,000 with a personal loan from Money31.

What documents do I need to apply?

Money3 has made applying for a car loan quick and easy, so you shouldn’t have any trouble accessing the documents you need. We just need to confirm basic details like your address and employment + regular expenses. Verifying your driver’s license, while optional, can speed up the process. Because of our obligations as a responsible lender, we will need 90 days of bank statements which you can provide online quickly in just a couple of minutes.

Is there a fee to repay my entire loan early?

No, there are no early repayment fees with Money3. If you can pay back everything at once, feel free to do so with no downsides.

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