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Who is Money3?

Money3 is committed to providing everyday Australians with financial solutions tailored to meet a variety of needs, from vehicle finance to personal loans. As a trusted provider since 2000, we have been dedicated to giving all Australians, including those who may not qualify through traditional lenders, a fair go at obtaining the financial support they need.

On this page(above), we are proud to share with you real and verified reviews from our customers on Trust Pilot. Transparency and honest feedback are essential to us; they not only help us improve our services but also assist potential customers in making informed decisions. We believe that our customers' voices should be heard and valued, as they reflect our commitment to service and reliability.

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Customer Feedback Highlights

Our customers consistently share their positive experiences with Money3 on Trust Pilot, reflecting our commitment to excellent service and support:

  • First-Time Buyers: New car owners often mention how Money3 helped them secure their first car loans with ease and efficiency, appreciating the supportive service throughout the process.

  • Repeat Customers: Many reviewers are repeat customers, indicating strong satisfaction with the speed and simplicity of obtaining additional loans from Money3.

  • Life-Changing Opportunities: Some customers express gratitude for how our loans have significantly improved their lives, offering them opportunities they might not have had otherwise.

  • Helpful & Friendly Staff: The professionalism and extra effort by our staff, especially those mentioned by name, are frequently highlighted, showing our team's dedication to going above and beyond for our customers.

  • Quick and Easy Processes: Customers appreciate our fast processing times, straightforward applications, and the ease with which they can receive funds, often by the next morning1.

These testimonials underscore our dedication to providing a reliable and compassionate service, helping our customers through their financial needs with respect and understanding.

FAQs About Our Reviews and Processes

Money3 is known for excellent customer service and giving people a fair go - regardless of credit history or their source of income.

To learn more, head over to our Why Money3 page and find out why you can trust us.

Money3 provides a variety of loans tailored to meet different financial needs, including personal loans for up to $30,000 and car loans for up to $75,000. These loans can accommodate various purposes such as vehicle purchases, car repairs, medical expenses, holiday funding, and more.

Applicants must be over 18, residing in Australia, and have a regular income (including benefits) of over $480 per week. Money3 considers applications from individuals with diverse financial backgrounds, including those with bad credit or those receiving Centrelink payments. We will review your current financial situations and affordability, when reviewing your application.

See also our Bad Credit Loans and Loans on Centrelink* pages for personal loans with non-standard finances and see our Bad Credit Car Loans and Car Loans on Centrelink* pages, when considering buying a vehicle.

We'll give you a fair go!

Money3 is known for its customer-centric approach, focusing on offering fair and flexible lending solutions. We are considered particularly accommodating for individuals who might not have access to traditional banking services due to their financial history or income source. This includes offering loans to those with poor credit histories or those receiving benefits and assessing loan suitability based on current financial conditions rather than past credit issues alone.

Our commitment to providing fixed-rate and fixed-term loans with transparent terms is coupled with exceptional customer service, which is highlighted by over 2,000 5-star reviews and a high Trust Pilot rating.

All the Trust Pilot reviews displayed on our page are genuine and have been verified by Trust Pilot. This ensures that the feedback you read comes from actual customers who have used our services.

Money3 uses Trust Pilot to collect and display reviews because Trust Pilot is an independent and reputable review platform that ensures authenticity and transparency. It allows customers to freely express their experiences, providing potential customers with unbiased insights into our services. It also allows us to investigate issues with customers, in the event that something goes wrong, and it allows us to fix it, when we can.

Yes, you can trust the ratings on Trust Pilot as they are composed of feedback from verified users. Trust Pilot has robust mechanisms in place to prevent fake reviews and ensure that all reviews are from genuine customers. Our consistently high rating is a testament to our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Money3 takes customer feedback seriously, including negative reviews. We view them as an opportunity to improve our services. Our team closely monitors all feedback and addresses any concerns as promptly as possible, striving to resolve any issues to the customer's satisfaction.

We also have a customer complaints process, where customers should contact us, in the first instance to get things resolved.

1. Subject to verification, suitability and affordability
* Money3 is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Services Australia, but does provide personal loan and vehicle finance options which are available to recipients of benefit payments