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Why Money3?

We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and look after customers who are ignored by the traditional credit providers.

We've been around since 2000, assisting employed and unemployed Australians with cash loans and car loans.

We believe that people are the best managers of their own lives.

Customer Stories

500,000 people with a story to tell...

Every year in Australia, 500,000 people access $800 million in short term credit facilities. They borrow either because they have no choice, or because it is their choice. Either way, they are exercising an option and moving on.

Some people have volunteered to share their experiences and insights in these videos. They are urging decision makers to step into their shoes for a moment.

Their message is simple: With options, we can better manage our own lives.

Consumer Story KathyConsumer Story Roy
Consumer Story WendyConsumer Story Neville

Small Loans Big Need

In November 2013, NCPA engaged an independent research firm, CoreData, to undertake a two-year data research project into the small and medium amount loans industry – the single largest research project since legislation changes came into effect in 2013. Did you know that the credit provider can never charge more in fees than the amount of the original loan. So, for a $500 loan in default, the fees can be a maximum of $500 and the total repayments can be a maximum of $1,000. Watch this video to discover the facts and learn about the myths in the Australian small amount loans industry.

NCPA Small Loans from National Credit Providers Association on Vimeo.