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Bad Credit Loans up to $12,0001

Personal loans up to $8,000 and up to $12,000 with security on your loan1

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Any Credit Considered!

Even with a poor credit history, Money3 specialises in giving people a fair go!

If you have bad credit, we may be able to help where other lenders can't. We will look into your current financial situation and commitments, when assessing your application. A bad mark on your credit file may not automatically exclude you from borrowing with Money3, unlike with other lenders.

To assist you getting back on track, when assessing your loan, we will set the amount borrowed and any repayments at an affordable level, so you will be better able to manage your financial commitments, when repaying your loan with us. Building up a good repayment history with Money3 could help get you a better loan in the future.

Got Bad Credit & Rejected Elsewhere?

We will look at your application when other lenders won't - Money3 will give you a fair go! If you can pass our basic criteria and we have determined that the loan is suitable and affordable for you, then you could borrow from Money3 - Even with poor credit!

We will consider your loan application1, even if:

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Bad Credit Loans up to $12,000

Getting Your Loan Approved with a Poor Credit History

As long as you meet our basic criteria, bad credit or not, your application has a good chance of being approved1.

Your income form earnings and/ or Centrelink must total $1,600 a month or more and you must be an Australian resident - all good so far? Then you are likely to qualify1.

You Must:

Common Questions

What is a bad credit loan?

A bad credit loan is much like other loan, except the lender specialises in dealing with people with bad credit. The risks for the lender are higher, so the cost of the loan may be higher as well. Someone who has bad credit will most likely get their application automatically rejected from mainstream lenders and so getting a bad credit loan may be a good option.

Could a loan with Money3 help repair my credit rating?

Yes it could. If you have a bad credit history, you can build up a good payment history with us that can be used to either get a better loan with us or with another credit provider.

Will Money3 do credit checks on my application?

Yes, but not all applications get credit checks performed. We only run credit checks after our initial review, if we believe the application has a chance of being successful.

I have defaulted on a previous loan with Money3. Will that affect my application?

If your previous loan has now been repaid, then it shouldn't negatively affect your application. However, any previous unpaid defaults are taken into account when assessing your application.

I have been declared bankrupt - can I get a bad credit loan with Money3?

Sorry, no. If you are currently bankrupt, we will be unable to offer you a loan.

Example Bad Credit Loans Costs Chart

Borrow Costs Repay
$2,500 $1,310 $3,810
$3,000 $1,573 $4,573
$4,000 $2,097 $6,097
$5,000 $2,621 $7,621
$6,000 $3,145 $9,145
$7,000 $3,669 $10,669
$8,000 $4,193 $12,193

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