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Professional or Business Expense Loans1

Personal loans up to $8,000 and up to $12,000 with security on your loan1

  • Borrow up to $8,000
  • Travel, Equipment & Courses
  • Centrelink Considered1
  • Bad Credit Considered1
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Professional or Busines Expense Loans1 up to $12,000

Sometimes you may need to cover additional costs related to your work, whether you can claim any of those back on your tax return later or not may be irrelevant to the current situation. If you don't have the cash handy, a personal loan1 from Money3 may be needed.

Different from Business loans ( which Money3 does not offer) your personal loan for business expenses could cover a whole range of expenses, from covering your personal costs of flights and accommodation on business trips to covering the costs involved with professional training courses and certification.

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Business Expense Loans up to $8,000

Example Business Expense Loans Costs Chart

Borrow Costs Repay
$2,500 $1,310 $3,810
$3,000 $1,573 $4,573
$4,000 $2,097 $6,097
$5,000 $2,621 $7,621
$6,000 $3,145 $9,145
$7,000 $3,669 $10,669
$8,000 $4,193 $12,193