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Caravan Loans up to $50,0001

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Caravan Loans

Money3 will give you a fair go, whether you have bad credit, are receiving benefits or have had trouble getting finance in the past. We'll look at your current finances, what your income and expenses are and what you can afford to pay each week or month when assessing you application with us.

Choosing your next caravan, whether brand new or used is an exciting time and it's important to get your loan pre-approval in place, so you know exactly what you can afford, when negotiating with the seller.

Whether you hava a caravan already in mind, or want to find out how much you can afford, it's good to get your application in with us, so you can shop with confidence, when you have your caravan loan pre-approval in place.

When doing your research for your next travel vehicle, check out some common types below in your search for your next caravan. All of which could be funded by a Money3 secured loan.

Get Pre-Approved Fast

Caravan Loans up to $50,000

Common Questions

Do you lend against used caravans?

Yes we do. Whether your next vehicle is used or new, we may be able to assist.

Do you lend to people with poor credit history?

Yes we do. We'll look at your current situation when assessing your loan application with us.

Do I need a deposit before I apply with Money3

No you don't. Deposits are not necessary, however, if you have a deposit, it could be used towards the cost of your next caravan.

How much could I borrow?

Our secured loans are available from $2,000 all the way up to $50,000. However, the amount you could borrow would depend on how much you could afford to repay.

Can my loan be paid in cash?

Our caravan loans are secured loans and so they are secured against the vehicle you are purchasing. We will pay the dealer or seller directly as part of the terms of the loan.

How long will it take to get my next caravan?

When you apply online, providing we have all the details we need, we should be able to give you your pre-approval within 24 hours. Once you have your pre-approval, you'll be able to start searching for your next caravan. When you have found your next caravan and it is affordable for you, we'll work with you (and the seller) to get your loan funded ASAP, which generally takes aroudn 24 hours in most cases.

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