Motorbike Loans up to $75,000

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Motorbike Loans with Finance up to $75,000

Whether you are looking for your first bike or an upgrade, new or used from a private seller or dealership - Money3 could help1 with secured motorbike loans and motorbike finance up to $75,000.

Get started now by completing the short form above and you may be riding on the open road sooner than you think. Money3 is committed to giving everyone a fair go. Whether you are taking home government benefits such as Centrelink payments or even with bad credit, Money3 will consider your application based on your current financial situation1.

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Motorbike Loans up to $75,000

Motorbike Finance and Motorcycle Loans

Are you looking for finance for motorbikes? Our team at Money3 is dedicated to giving everyone a fair go at obtaining vehicle loans. This includes motorbike loan and motorcycle finance. At Money3, you can apply for bike loans by completing our short form and outlining your financial circumstances so that we can set up the right bike loan for you1.

As licensed credit providers, we operate under an Australian credit license to ensure our loan options are helpful to you1.

Motorcycle Finance on Centrelink

Our motorcycle finance may be available to people receiving Centrelink payments (with the exception of youth allowance, abstudy and austudy). You can apply by providing us with details on your Centrelink payments so that we can work out a motorbike finance loan and loan repayments plan for you1.

Whether you would like to purchase a new or used motorbike, contact our team so we can provide you with more information regarding motorbike finance.

Bike Loans with Bad Credit

At Money3, we'll give you a fair go and you may get your bike on the road, even with a bad credit mark on your credit file. We specialise in helping people who traditional and high street lenders would automatically reject. By working with us, you may be able to obtain bad credit motorbike finance.

Your loan will be secured against your new bike - whether it is brand new or used, and the amount you could borrow will be matched against your ability to affordably repay your loan over typically a 2 or 3 year loan term. A credit check will only be performed after you have passed our initial checks and a loan approval looks possible for motorcycle finance.

Use the short form above to get started and once we have reviewed your application, we'll be able to give you your pre-approval1 loan quote, so you know how much you could spend on your next bike.

If you already have found the perfect bike for you, simply complete our online application and we can fast track your application for a secured loan.

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Motorbike Loans up to $75,000

Answers to Common Questions

Can I get finance for a motorbike?

Yes, you may finance a motorbike. At Money3, we offer motorbike finance and motorbike loan services for individuals who would like to purchase their motor vehicle with a little extra help1.

Can Money3 help me choose a motorbike?

We can't help you choose, we only provide the finance on your bike. When you have a confirmed loan offer from us1, that should help set the price bracket for your next vehicle.

Does Money3 lend against any type of bike?

Generally yes - if it has a registration number1. We offer a motorcycle loan against all bike types from dirt bikes to Harley Davidsons.

Do I have to go through a dealership?

No, that's not necessary. You can apply for a motorbike loan with Money3 before reaching out to dealerships, private sellers, online or other sellers.

Should I find a bike first, before I apply to Money3?

It is optional and you don't have to. Sometimes it is helpful to know how much you can borrow and your potential monthly repayments to settle on a budget before looking at any bikes. If you already have a motorbike in mind, that is alright too. We will work with you to get your motorbike loan application assessed as soon as possible and provide you with motorcycle finance1.

Do you provide bike loans to people on Centrelink?

Yes, we do1. We look at your income as a whole, whether from Centrelink payments, employment or both. As long as your income is over $480 a week, we will consider your application.

Can I get a motorbike loan if I have a bad credit history?

Yes, you can1. We'll review your current situation and ability to manage your car loan repayments when evaluating how much credit you can safely manage. This is so that you can sustainably take on motorbike finance and bad credit motorcycle loans.

How long does the motorbike finance application take?

You should be able to give us everything we need to know in about 5 minutes when you apply online. We will need a copy of 90 days bank statements. We have made this easy for you to do online, just by logging into your bank account via our trusted bank statement partner, Proviso. Your 90 days bank statement will then be automatically sent to us. As soon as we have this, we should be able to assess your application quickly. If we do find we need any further details, we will let you know.

How many years can you finance a motorcycle?

How many years you finance a motorcycle depends on your loan amounts, interest rates, and the lending criteria of your loan1. You can use a motorbike loan calculator in Australia to find out how many years you will need to finance a motorcycle with your income and other financial circumstances.

What kind of loan can I get for a motorcycle?

The loan you can get for a motorcycle depends on your financial situation, your regular income levels, and any additional personal loans you may have. At Money3, we offer flexible repayments as part of our flexible motorbike finance services1.

Are motorcycles hard to finance?

Motorcycles are not particularly hard to finance1. Motorbike loans operate similarly to car loans.

Example Motorbike Loans Costs Chart

13.95% APR
19.95% APR
24.95% APR
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $1,909 $6,909
Platinum secured personal loan for 24 months at 13.95% APR & 34.16% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $6,925 $16,925
Platinum secured personal loan for 48 months at 13.95% APR & 29.11% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $14,850 $39,850
Platinum secured personal loan for 60 months at 13.95% APR & 20.38% Comparison Rate
$50,000 $30,285 $80,285
Platinum secured personal loan for 72 months at 13.95% APR & 17.23% Comparison Rate
$75,000 $42,219 $117,219
Platinum secured personal loan for 72 months at 13.95% APR & 16.15% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,313 $7,313
Silver secured personal loan for 24 months at 19.95% APR & 40.63% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $8,676 $18,676
Silver secured personal loan for 48 months at 19.95% APR & 35.35% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $20,883 $45,883
Silver secured personal loan for 60 months at 19.95% APR & 27.39% Comparison Rate
$50,000 $42,963 $92,963
Silver secured personal loan for 72 months at 19.95% APR & 23.32% Comparison Rate
Borrow Costs Repay
$5,000 $2,661 $7,661
Bronze secured personal loan for 24 months at 24.95% APR & 46.04% Comparison Rate
$10,000 $10,216 $20,216
Bronze secured personal loan for 48 months at 24.95% APR & 40.60% Comparison Rate
$25,000 $25,625 $50,625
Bronze secured personal loan for 60 months at 24.95% APR & 32.59% Comparison Rate
$40,000 $44,982 $84,982
Bronze secured personal loan for 72 months at 24.95% APR & 29.27% Comparison Rate

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